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60+ Fun & Useful Gifts for Travel Lovers

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Finding the perfect gift is not always easy. And finding a gift during the Winter holiday season? Even worse.

Lucky for you, finding a great gift is one of my nerdy joys in life and not to brag, but over the years I’ve gotten really good at it.

No matter the occasion, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel (or ideas to put on your gift wish list), I’ve already done the legwork for you.

From carry-on essentials and practical travel accessories to fun and quirky gifts, here are over 60 fun and useful gifts for travel lovers.

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Global Entry & TSA PreCheck

International travelers will love you forever if you set them up with Global Entry.

Global Entry is a 5-year pass that allows you to bypass the dreaded customs line in many US airports.

It also includes TSA PreCheck, which allows you to collect $200 when you pass Go. Just kidding.

TSA PreCheck allows you to bypass the regular security line.

The special PreCheck line includes perks like shorter wait times, no need to take stuff out of your bags, and no need to take your shoes off. It’s a dream.

Global Entry requires an in-person interview, so you won’t be able to gift it in its entirety as a surprise. But, you can at least pony up the fee for it and help arrange a ride to the appointment.

Priority pass lounge access

Access to an airline lounge can make a hectic trip or long layover so much better. 

Priority Pass provides access to over 1000 lounges with 3 pass types available (the more you pay per year, the more free access you have!).

Co-working office space

Co-working offices are great for start-ups and digital nomads who need the amenities an office provides, but can’t afford an office space of their own.

A gift card to put toward the cost of a monthly membership is sure to be greatly appreciated.

US National Park pass

For travelers looking to visit the US National Parks, an annual pass for entrance into any park could be the start of an epic bucket list journey.

While there are ways to get a National Park pass for free, many people don’t qualify for a free pass.

A custom framed photo

One of my mom’s favorite Christmas gifts in recent years was a giant framed photo of a lighthouse in Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor is near and dear to my family’s heart and earlier that year, my sister’s long-time boyfriend joined us for his first trip there.

Yep, you guessed it – he captured my mom’s heart by gifting her a photo he took while there!

Custom photo book

Create a photo book to memorialize an epic vacation or season of long-term traveling.

This is another of my go-to gifts. I always make one for my mom after we go on a big vacation!

Check out this post for more photo gift ideas.

Blade passport

For busy New York, Southern Florida, and LA-based luxury travelers, Blade is a dream come true.

Blade is helicopter service to and from select hotspots around these 3 hubs. You can even use it to skip traffic and get to the airport.

Travel insurance plan

Your health insurance likely doesn’t cover care outside of the US.

And while some credit cards offer insurance on items purchased with the card, like plane tickets, that doesn’t help in all situations.

Better to be safe than sorry with a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

I've heard of too many people who have skipped the insurance to save a few hundred bucks and landed themselves in debt after getting hospitalized abroad.

Don't let your travel-loving friend be that person!

A fully-planned and paid-for trip

If your friend or loved one is a luxury traveler, I assume they have enough money to buy what they want, when they want.

But, that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a surprise.

Spring for an extra excursion or day trip as a surprise for an upcoming trip - or go full-out and plan an entire vacation for the two of you.

If the above 60+ gifts for travel lovers weren’t enough, here are a few more

First things first, if you’re gifting for Christmas, did you do up a stocking?

In my family, the Christmas stocking is the best part, full of small gifts, sometimes practical, sometimes silly, and sometimes big ticket items.

Lastly, check out my post about travel themed Christmas tree ideas, which includes tips on making the most of a fake tree!

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