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65+ Cool GoPro Accessories for Travel Photos

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GoPro cameras aren’t just for action sports! GoPros are awesome for travel photography and videos, too.

GoPro cameras are super tiny and the learning curve is small.

The best part about GoPros? All of the fun GoPro accessories and mounts that will level up your travel photography and videography game.

Check out these amazing GoPro accessories I found to add to your travel photography kit.

Lens protector

Protect your camera from lens scratches or smudges with a protective film, case or cover.

While GoPros are quite durable, they don’t come with anything to protect the lens or screen from smudges or scratches.

A few extra bucks can go a long way toward preventing lost footage or photos due to a smudge or scratch.

Memory card

The right memory card truly makes a difference! Make sure you are using the right kind of card for your GoPro.

For example, you’ll want a microSD card with a minimum of UHS speed class 3, video speed class of 30, and 32 GB capacity for the GoPro Hero 6 to ensure the best performance, speed, reliability, and space.

GoPro has a handy chart of microSD cards that are known to work with each of their models.

For the Hero 5 and Hero 6, Sandisk and Lexar brand cards are used in testing and therefore recommended over other brands.

I use a Sandisk Extreme 64 GB UHS V30 microSD for my GoPro Hero 6 and Hero 8 cameras.

Extra batteries

Long before I got a GoPro camera, I got in the habit of carrying at least 1 extra battery if I had my camera with me.

Running out of juice half way through the day or hours away from electricity is my worst nightmare as a travel blogger!

GoPro batteries are affordable and rechargeable, so investing in an extra one is a cheap investment.

Better yet, GoPros are compatible with some power banks, so you can charge on the go, just like your phone!

GoPro also has a super charger where you can charge 2 batteries up to 45% faster than simply plugging the camera into your laptop with the battery inside.

Gimbals & tripods

Ever wonder how so many amateur videos on YouTube look so steady? It’s likely because the person filming is using a gimbal or tripod!

A tripod helps keep your camera steady while taking still shots or video.

A gimbal helps stabilize your camera when it’s in motion, such as running down a beach or flying your camera through gorgeous mountain scenery on a drone.

TIP: Always check to make sure cameras and camera gear are allowed where you’re traveling to or visiting for the day.

POV mounts

A huge advantage of filming or shooting with a GoPro camera is its tiny size and durability.

This means you can set up your camera to get some fun point of view shots, like from your head, hand, shoulder, or chest, more easily than a dSLR or typical point-and-shoot camera.

Capture more fun angles with these GoPro mounts

Capture more fun angles with these GoPro accessories.

Rear mirror and car headrest mounts are perfect for race car drivers and road trip aficionados.

GoPro also makes a mount for bows, guns, and fishing rods, perfect for an outdoorsy filmmaker or photographer.

Suction mounts provide lots of versatility for sticking your camera in a million different places to get that normally out of reach shot.

GoPro mounts for the great outdoors

GoPros were originally launched as an action camera with sports like snowboarding or surfing in mind.

The cameras evolve with each new model that its become widely used for other purposes, like travel, too!

But, given its small size and durability, it truly is a great camera for filming or taking pictures in the great outdoors.

Here’s a few fun GoPro accessories to up your outdoor footage game.

A timelapse base is great for panorama photographs and capturing timelapse footage (think sunsets and light changes throughout the day).

A camo case might seem like a fashionable way to skin your GoPro, but it actually helps you blend into the natural environment and reduce glare that might tip-off wildlife to your presence.

GoPro’s Handlebar/Seatpost mount can help you attach your camera to poles, handles, seats, and more.

Another fun GoPro accessory? A dog harness!

Yep, GoPro is just as curious as you are to see what Fido is up to when running around the dog park like a banshee.

Best GoPro water accessories

Whether you’re hanging out in your backyard pool or scuba diving with sharks, take your action camera with you! The HERO 6 and HERO 7 models are waterproof down to 33 feet.

If you’re freediving or scuba diving beyond 33 feet or using an older model, you can outfit your GoPro with a waterproof case.

Aside from protecting your camera from the water, there are tons of mounts and other accessories to help you get fun shots of your water filled fun.

There are a few accessories that act like a life vest for your precious action camera: the floaty, floating hand grip, floating wrist strap, and bite mount.

Not only do they keep your camera afloat, but the bright orange color helps you spot your camera quickly against the darkest water.

I use the floaty and floating hand grip if I’m filming in water – especially at the beach!

A dome housing is perfect for achieving half water/half air shots, as well as underwater swim footage.

If you want to stay hands-free while getting your underwater footage, try an Octomask.

Last up are the classic GoPro surf mounts for surfboards and bodyboards so you can film hands-free.

Best drone for GoPro aerial footage

Aerial footage is all the rage on Instagram and YouTube. Luckily, drones are becoming more affordable and easier to use.

If you want those beautiful videos panning over the ocean or through a valley, you’re gonna have to pony up for a real deal drone, though.

While the majority of drones come with built-in cameras, not all come with good cameras.

With a 3rd-party mount, such as those from, you can easily (and safely) attach your GoPro for better footage.

Vlogging mounts

While the GoPro has a built-in screen, it’s pretty tiny. Enter GoPro’s latest accessories: the Media mod, Light mod, and Display mod.

Combined, these 3 new mods turn your action camera into a vlogging machine.

GoPro Display monitor mod coming soon.

Lens filters

Photo and video editing software can only do so much, sometimes. GoPro’s fog inserts can help ensure clear, crisp footage no matter how humid it is.

Filters can help correct colors and glare in a variety of situations, such as under blue water (where you might want to use a red filter) or super sunny days (when you might want to use a polarizing filter).


While the GoPro Hero 5 & 6 include voice controls, earlier models don’t. Plus, sometimes that killer shot places your action camera out of range for the built-in voice controls.

Luckily there are a few options available for controlling your action camera from afar, some with voice controls.

The Removu is an affordable remote/monitor that you can wear on your wrist.

Another option for a remote/monitor combo is using the GoPro app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

If a monitor isn’t needed, GoPro has 2 remote models available.

Audio attachments

The audio capability on the GoPro cams are pretty good. Add on the new Media mod’s included mic and you’re set for most audio needs.

But with pretty much any camera, there are times when extra audio gear goes a long way.

A lavalier mic helps with capturing voices more crisply for interview-style videos, as the mic is attached to the person speaking, rather than to the camera itself.

A wind shield can help reduce that annoyingly loud bursts of wind when filming outdoors on a windy day.

Filmmaking gear

Pretty much all the accessories in this round-up are great for making movies with your GoPro.

That said, there are classic accessories that filmmakers use that have been scaled to work with GoPro cameras, too.

Who knows, maybe your next travel video will be a blockbuster hit!

The iOgrapher stabilizer helps capture stable footage. This is similar to the stabilizers and gimbals featured in the beginning of this post.

However, the advantage to the iOgrapher mount are the notches in the top that can be used to attach extra accessories, such as a light and microphone, far easier that the other stabilizers I’ve featured.

A cineskate dolly is another way to capture buttery smooth footage in scenarios where a handheld is impossible or overwhelming.

This model uses skateboard wheels, which adds to a quiet, smooth ride of this dolly.

Random fact: Burton luggage uses skateboard wheels for the same reason!

Lastly, a track dolly or video head can be attached to a tripod to aid in smooth pan shots.

Accessories case

Don’t waste time looking for all your fun GoPro accessories at the bottom of your backpack.

Keep them all organized with an accessory case or backpack designed with compartments and pockets with your GoPro gear in mind.

The GoPro Seeker backpack includes organized compartments for your gear, space for a water bladder (gotta stay hydrated on those hikes!), and mounts for your GoPro camera!

The CamKik belt is like a fanny pack for camera geeks.  The bag lays flat for packing, but rolls up to a small size to be strapped to your waist.

Amazon Basics has a super affordable case that fits neatly into luggage or totes, making it a great solution for travelers that like to pack light.

The Smatree water-resistant hard case is perfect for storing oodles of GoPro gear at home OR for the serious photographer who needs to take it ALL on the go.

Which GoPro accessories are you going to add to your travel photography arsenal?

I’ve got my eye on a new camera dome for my GoPro!

This post was originally published October 6, 2017 and most recently updated on October 1, 2018.

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