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5 Best iPhone Travel Journal Apps

Don’t let all those great photos and videos sit in the cloud or on a hard drive.

Check out these 5 travel journal apps to help you document your vacations or long term travels with slide shows, photo collages, timelines, and lots more.

Video journaling with 1 Second Everyday

Create a quick travel video with easy with 1 Second Everyday.

This app pieces together 1 second video clips to create a video, making it a super easy way to create travel video without the need for video editing skills.

1 Second Everyday is a great way to journal a day or an entire trip with ease.


Photo journal with Collect

Create albums, photo collages and photo slide shows with Collect.

Collect is also a great way to organize your photos with both album and tags.

If you take a LOT of travel photos, Collect is a great travel journal app for you.


Put your data to use with Day One Journal

Day One Journal is an impressive travel journaling app.

Its biggest strength is the collection of data for all photos and videos, such as weather, location, and music.

It also includes a timeline view and a map view.

This is a great travel journal app for those that like to journal about EVERYTHING that happened on their trip.

Day One Journal will make it a bit easier to remember the finer details, like weather and addresses.


Use your social media posts with Momento

Momento pulls in data from all of your social channels to piece together a journey’s story, such as Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Uber.

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You can keep your stories private or share with friends to select social media channels, as well as via text message or email.

Momento is a great travel journal app for those that are heavy social media users. You’re already documenting your travels elsewhere, but this app will pull them together in a cohesive way.


Need a private group travel journal app? Check out Tripcast.

Keep mom and dad updated on your travels without annoying your Facebook or Instagram friends with every single photo you take via Tripcast.

Or if you’d rather not share “evidence” you can also use Tripcast to share photos among your travel group.

Tripcast is a great way to track longer journeys and still keep up with your friends and fam back home.


What are your favorite travel journal apps?

Let me know in the comments below which travel journal apps you use when you travel.

If you’re more into pen-to-paper or other non-digital forms of journaling, check out my post about the best travel journals.

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