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Best Travel Apps for Paris, France for a Stress-Free Trip

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Ready to plan the French adventure of a lifetime? Or just passing through and need a few pointers on navigating the City of Lights?

Either way, do yourself a favor and get comfortable with some modern Parisian technology – we’re talking apps!

From finding your way around to deepening your knowledge of local culture, here are my top picks for must-have travel apps for Paris, France.

Airvat Tax Refund

If you’ve shopped til you dropped while in Paris, you’re definitely going to want the Airvat Tax Refund app.

This app will help you get back up to 20% refund of VAT tax paid on your purchases.

Use your refund to start saving for your next trip!

Download: App Store / Google Play


If you’re looking to take a ride around the City of Light, then you need AlloCab. 

This convenient app has made hailing a cab easier and faster than ever before without the need to stand outside and flag one down. 

Moreover, this is the highest-rated among all taxi services operating in Paris, so there’s no better choice when you want a smooth and stress-free experience. Make your way through Paris with the help of AlloCab – it won’t let you down!

Download: App Store / Google Play


For those looking to explore the many delicious options Paris has to offer, Deliveroo is the ultimate food delivery app. 

With over 10,000 restaurants at your fingertips, you can easily find something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

The hard part is deciding where to order from! 

Restaurant menus range from traditional French cuisine to a variety of global flavors, allowing for an unforgettable and unique dining experience without leaving home. 

Whether you’re in the mood for something light or indulgent, Deliveroo is sure to have what you need with its unbeatable selection of restaurants. 

Download: App Store / Google Play

Disneyland Paris

Ah, Paris – the home of romance, art, culture and…Disneyland? 

That’s right – Disneyland Paris is the ultimate destination for fun-seekers looking to explore the city with a magical twist. 

Whether it’s scaling the iconic Space Mountain or enjoying a crêpe in Main Street USA, this European outpost of the world-famous theme park offers something for everyone. 

If you’ll be visiting Disneyland Paris, definitely download the app to help you get around the parks with ease, snag premier access, make dining reservations, or mobile order quick service food.

Download: App Store / Google Play


It’s always a good idea to learn a few key phrases in the local language of a travel destination. Not only will it help with communication over basic needs, it shows respect, too. 

My favorite French language learning app for beginners is Duolingo.

Duolingo makes learning French so ridiculously easy, not to mention fun! 

It combines short lessons with quizzes that incorporate speaking, reading, and writing skills. This method is proven to help boost retention of the skills you learn.  

Tip: Using the Duolingo app each day will help you earn “lingots,” which you can trade in for bonus skills, such as Flirting in French!

Download: App Store / Google Play

The Fork

If you’re looking for the best restaurant experiences in Paris, you’re in luck – The Fork has you covered. 

This comprehensive app will help you find the perfect spot, whether you’re looking for a cozy bistro on a romantic night out or an exquisite fine dining establishment with breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower. 

Not only can you search through thousands of user ratings and reviews but there’s also the added bonus of being able to book reservations.

It’s never been easier to enjoy all that Paris has to offer without waiting in long lines. 

Download: App Store / Google Play

Google Translate

While Duolingo can help you learn French, if you’re having trouble understanding French or encounter some words you don’t know, Google Translate can help. 

With more than 100 languages to choose from, it’s the perfect tool for deciphering language barriers while in Paris. 

Plus, you can use it to quickly read menus, signs, and articles so you can easily get around like a local. 

So if you’re in need of a pocket tutor or want to be proficient at conversing with locals, Google Translate is your go-to app when visiting Paris.

Download: App Store / Google Play


When exploring the city of love, Paris, France, Heetch is the perfect ride-sharing app to have in your back pocket. 

Minimize wait time at the curbside with their intuitive app and get to all your fabulous French destinations in a jiffy. 

With Heetch, you can navigate all those beautiful Parisian streets without the hassle of hiring a taxi or searching for public transportation options. 

So what are you waiting for? Download it now and kiss goodbye to complicated travel arrangements!

Download: App Store / Google Play

Bonjour RATP

Master public transportation in Paris with the Bonjour RATP app.

This easy-to-use app enables you to quickly determine how to get from point A to point B via metro, train or bus.

You can also look up schedules and check out the different types of passes and tickets to determine which one is right for you.

Lastly, it works offline (no wifi needed!) and can be used in 10 different languages.

Check out my post about how to use the Paris metro for more tips on getting around via public transportation.

Download: App Store / Google Play

Mobile Passport Control

Not looking forward to the line at customs but don’t have Global Entry? 

Get the Mobile Passport Control app to help expedite your wait in line when arriving back home in the US (and select airports in Canada).

Be sure to fill out your profile on the app ahead of time. Then while the plane is taxing to the gate, fill out the questionnaire and get your QR code. 

Once you get to customs, you’ll show your passport and the QR code in a specific (shorter) line.

The best part? It’s free!

Download: App Store / Google Play

Palace of Versailles

Paris is full of breathtaking sights, but there is none more impressive than the Château de Versailles, just outside the city limits. 

This storied palace in Versailles has been a source of awe and excitement to visitors for centuries, due to its grandiose design and magnificent gardens. 

Use the Palace of Versailles app to help explore this beautiful and historical landmark.

There are even audio guides and maps to help you get around with ease.

Download: App Store / Google Play

Paris Aéroport

If you’re looking to make your travels through CDG or Orly a breeze, look no further than the Paris Aéroport app. 

From real-time flight updates to terminal maps, this app will allow you to travel with ease.

Plus, if you’re local, you can reserve and pay for parking at the airport, too.

Download: App Store / Google Play

Paris museum guide apps

Get ready to explore some of Paris’ finest cultural gems!

Learn more about all the amazing art you see with guides to Paris’ top 4 art museums: the Louvre, Musée de l’Orangerie, Musée d’Orsay, and Musée Rodin.

Each app includes maps, guides, and audio tours. If you have an iOS device, such as the iPhone, you can purchase the apps in a bundle for a slight discount.

Download: App Store / Google Play

Secrets de Paris

Paris is a city that has many hidden gems to explore, and with the best apps for Paris, you can unlock all of the city’s secrets. 

From centuries-old monuments to vibrant local markets, there’s something for everyone in the City of Lights. 

With just a few taps and swipes on your phone, you can quickly find where to go and what to do as you make your way through the city. 

Uncover hidden delights that only a Paris native would know about and discover the charm hidden inside every corner of this amazing city.

Download: App Store / Google Play

SNCF Connect

When visiting the City of Lights, don’t be left in the dark when it comes to your train travel. 

SNCF Connect is the perfect app for Paris-bound travelers looking to purchase and validate train tickets across Europe. 

With a few simple clicks and swipes, your journey will be planned in no time and you’ll be ready to see what amazing attractions await you in Paris. 

This app is one of the best picks on any list of apps for travelers journeying to or from Paris.

Download: App Store / Google Play

Toilets in Paris

You gotta go when you gotta go!

It can be difficult to find a nice place to “take care of business” while traveling through the streets of Paris, but worry not! 

With the help of the Toilets in Paris app, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in an unsightly situation on your sightseeing tour again. 

Download: App Store / Google Play


For those who want to explore Paris in a unique and environmentally friendly way, Vélib’ is the perfect choice. 

This public bicycle sharing system allows you to swiftly pedal through the city’s winding streets without worrying about bulky travel equipment or rental costs. 

You can even customize your journey by selecting from long-term, annual, and daily memberships, all of which provide access to an extensive range of bikes for an incredibly affordable price point. 

So forget sluggish buses and overpriced taxi fares – with Vélib’, you’ll be immersing yourself in Paris’ attractions more quickly than ever before!

Download: App Store / Google Play

XE Currency

If you’re looking to explore Paris, France without breaking the bank, then XE Currency is the app for you! 

It offers up-to-date currency conversion rates, so you can easily figure out how many dollars that croissant is costing you in euros. 

You can even set up rate alerts and historical charts so you can keep an eye on when is the best time to convert your money. 

Download: App Store / Google Play

What’s on your list of the best apps for Paris, France?

It seems apps truly are the answer to making the best of a new city! 

But before you go, be sure to let me know what your favorite apps for Paris are in the comments below.

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