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What to Pack for Hawaii

There’s so much to do in Hawaii that it can be overwhelming to decide what to pack, right??

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. It’s all about keeping everything loose and bright.

Here’s my guide on what to pack for Hawaii.

Loose Tops for a Tropical Vacation in Hawaii

Loose tops are key for keeping cool.

For active days, consider items made with moisture wicking fabrics typically found in the fitness clothing department.

For everyday activities, stick to natural fibers, like cotton.

Shorts to Pack for a Trip to Hawaii

Stick to your favorite shorts, like denim and bright prints or colors.

Chances are low that you’ll want to wear pants, except for stargazing at the Maunakea summit or hiking through wooded areas.

Dresses to Pack for a Hawaiian Vacation

For non-active activities, just pop on a dress and you’re ready to go!

Dresses are also a great way to look pulled-together quickly after a day of snorkeling, hiking, ATV riding, etc.

Swimsuits to Pack for Hawaii

Swimsuits are the #1 thing you can’t forget when planning what to pack for Hawaii.

If you expect to go snorkeling or surfing, be sure to pack at least 1 swimsuit that is on the sporty and sturdy side. Otherwise, treat yourself to something super fun for your trip!

Swimsuit Cover Ups + Rash Guards for Hawaii

Cover ups are great for going from the beach to lunch without having to fuss with your clothes.

Rash guards are great if you’ll be doing something active in the water, like surfing or jet skiing.

They are also great as extra sun protection.

Accessories for a Hawaiian Vacation

A beach bag or backpack is essential to lug all your beach gear, like a wide-brimmed hat and fun sunglasses.

Shoes to Pack for Vacation in Hawaii

Pack shoes according to your planned activities. You’ll likely need at least 1 pair of slip-on sandals or flip-flops.

To keep my suitcase light, I pack shoes in a neutral color, like solid gold. I can’t resist packing at least 1 fun pair too!

What’s the first item you think about when deciding what to pack for Hawaii?

What to pack for Hawaii: keep it loose and bright - and don't forget your swimsuit! Click through to find out what you need to pack for a trip to Hawaii.

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