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10 Best Manifestation Journals for Goals & Dreams

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Journaling helps me keep a positive mindset, check in on my mental health, and stay on track with achieving my goals and dreams. Keeping up a journaling practice is also a great way to manifest all that you desire!

In this post, I’ll share the best manifestation journals for achieving your goals, deepest desires, and dreams.

Best option for 369 method
369 Manifestation Journal

369 Manifestation Journal

  • Learn the 369 method for manifestation
  • Includes 90 day journal & 100 manifestations to practice

The 369 Manifestation Journal from Lighthouse Visions uses the 369 method and law of attraction to help you in your manifesting journey.

It includes a 90 day manifestation journal, a section on how to use the journal effectively, a section with a mindset exercise, as well as 100 affirmation examples for health, wealth, love, and other topics.

Best for self-discovery work
The Book of Dreams Come True

The Book of Dreams Come True

  • Includes creative journaling prompts
  • Geared toward self-discovery

The Book of Dreams Come True: A Journal of Self-Discovery, Goals, and Manifestation by Bryn Donovan consists of creative journaling prompts designed to help you manifest your goals and dream life.

If you're looking for space to write down your thoughts from day to day, this is not the manifestation journal for you.  

That said, it is great for getting the gears going and staying on top of your manifestation practice for pretty much everyone.

Best for gratitude journaling
Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal (90 Days)

Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal (90 Days)

  • 90 day reflection and gratitude journal
  • Only 2 pages per day; great for busy folks!

An important part of manifestation is practicing gratitude. 

It is a great way to attract and keep positive energy and avoid letting your limiting beliefs block you from achieving your goals and deepest desires.

The Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal from Insight Editions helps guide you through gratitude journaling twice a day for a total of 90 days with 2 journal pages per day. 

In the morning, you get a page to focus on your affirmations and gratitude for the day. 

In the evening, you get a page for reflection on how your day went, how you felt, and a positive thought to keep in mind before bed.

The daily templates are a great way to train your brain in gratitude and reflection on a daily basis!

Best for 55x5 method
555 Challenge: The Law of Attraction Writing Exercise Journal & Workbook for Women

555 Challenge: The Law of Attraction Writing Exercise Journal & Workbook for Women

  • Learn the 55x5 technique for manifestation
  • Includes lots of space for journaling

The 555 Challenge Workbook & Journal from Make it Happen Publishing provides space for daily journaling using the 55×5 manifestation technique.

In a nutshell, this technique works by writing your intended manifestation 55 times for 5 consecutive days.

This journal is simple, but that only helps keep you focused and present when journaling, which is essential for this daily ritual.

Best for busy journalers
The Morning Magic 5-Minute Journal

The Morning Magic 5-Minute Journal

  • Only requires 5-minutes per day!
  • Includes space for daily journaling AND longer reflective sessions

The Morning Magic 5-Minute Journal: Inspiring Prompts to Set Intentions and Live with Gratitude All Day by Tanya J. Peterson gives us busy folks a guided space for manifestation journaling.

All you need are 5 minutes to jot down your thoughts for each day’s prompts to set your intention, practice gratitude, release a negative or pressing through, and blank space for extra thoughts.

In addition to the daily journaling, there are a handful of prompts for longer, more in-depth journaling.

Perfect companion to the Super Attractor book
Super Attractor Journal

Super Attractor Journal

  • Includes inspiring watercolor illustrations
  • Companion to book and card set

The Super Attractor Journal is a companion to Bernstein’s book, The Super Attractor

It has an earthy watercolor painting aesthetic, much like her other books and journals.

Included are manifestation journal prompts scattered throughout, in addition to quotes and mantras from the Super Attractor book.

Best for practicing positive thinking
Daily Positivity Journal For Happiness, Wellness, Mindfulness & Self Care

Daily Positivity Journal For Happiness, Wellness, Mindfulness & Self Care

  • Includes inspirational quotes
  • Includes space for habit and sleep tracking

This journal from Incredible Journals very much lives up to its name: The Best Journal Ever.

Each day includes a page with an inspirational quote and sections for sleep tracking, gratitude, affirmations, and a blank space for thoughts. 

There’s also space for monthly reflection and good habit tracking.

This one is perfect for those that want to combine journaling for manifestation, a place to jot down daily memories, and track habits.

Best for beginners
Manifestation Journal for Beginners

Manifestation Journal for Beginners

  • Includes an overview of various manifestation techniques
  • Includes journaling exercises and prompts

Part journal and part book, the Manifestation Journal for Beginners by Lauri Albert is a perfect gift for someone that is brand new to manifestation.

The front section of the journal includes a primer on manifestation, overview of different methods of manifestation, such as vision boards, visualization, and meditation, an overview about the law of attraction, and tips for manifesting through journaling.

The rest includes journaling exercises and writing prompts to help guide you in your practice.

Best planner/journal combo
The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Morning Journal

The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Morning Journal

  • Includes space for daily journaling
  • Includes space for goals and weekly planning

This leather-like bound journal is part manifestation journal and part planner, which is great for minimalists.

It includes space for brain dumps, goal setting, daily and weekly planning, as well as gratitude journaling. 

Best blank journal on a budget
PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook (160 Pages)

PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook (160 Pages)

  • Available in a variety of fun colors
  • Includes inner pocket, sticker labels, a ribbon bookmark and elastic closure band

If you find using a templated or guided journal to be too constraining, a blank notebook is more than enough to get started with journaling for manifestation.

Pick one with a cover or aesthetic that speaks to you, your goals, and your dreams. 

Maybe it’s leather-bound with a compass if you’re trying to manifest travel and adventure. 

Maybe it’s linen-bound with a romantic ribbon bookmark if you want to manifest love.

Or perhaps a gorgeous journal in emerald green, rich red, or royal purple if you want to manifest money or stately blue if you want to manifest wealth and abundance.

You get the idea. 

The above blank journal from Paperage is just an example of what you can find on sites like Amazon.

Shop around ‘til you find something that speaks to you! Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination.

Use affirmation or manifestation cards for guidance

If you have a blank journal already, use your budget toward a deck of affirmation or manifestation cards. 

Each day pick a deck that speaks to you and draw a card.

Alternatively, you can shuffle and go with whatever card jumps out of the deck. 

Once you pick a card, reflect upon the affirmation, quote, or question on the card in your journal. 

This is a great way to use up all those pretty notebooks you have laying around. Or is it just me that does that? 

Plus, if you need a pep talk throughout the day, you can pull a card for inspiration and guidance.

How do I know which manifestation journals are right for me?

If you’re just starting out with manifestation, I recommend reading my post about the best manifestation books.

Most of these books include guidance on journaling, the law of attraction, and other manifestation techniques, and can help you decide which one is best for you.

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