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10 At Home Workouts That Are Great for Traveling

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Travel can really knock you off your daily routine.

For me, I’m totally guilty of letting a vacation get me off my workout game.

But ever since I started utilizing online travel workout videos, it became so much easier to keep up with my workouts while away from home.

Plus many online travel workouts are available for free, which is perfect if you’re working on saving money for your next vacation.

The downside is that it took me years to figure out which fitness experts and workout routines worked best for me!

Let me save you some time with finding your online workout fitness match: check out these 10 online travel workouts perfect for staying fit while on the road.

Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert or medical professional. Always check in with a doctor before starting any exercise program.

Ballet Beautiful

If you ever wanted to be a ballerina when you were a kid, Ballet Beautiful is for you!

Started by Mary Helen Bowers, Ballet Beautiful is a great online workout that will help you start or end your day on a relaxed, graceful note.

Bowers is the woman who got Natalie Portman into prima ballerina shape for her role in Black Swan.

If you don’t have access to a gym at your hotel, you can always combine some of the ballet stretches and small moves in your room for a quick workout.

The Betty Rocker

Check out The Betty Rocker if you’re looking for an extended workout challenge that you can take with you when traveling.

When you sign up for Betty Rocker’s 30-day challenge, 15-minute workouts are emailed to you daily.

You might need a bit of space in your room or access to a hotel gym for some of the workouts, but the plus side is that they are all designed to use your body weight.

The fact that no equipment is needed is why this is one of the best online travel workouts.


Casey Ho has lots of short and sweet workouts on Blogilates that are perfect for doing while traveling.

No need to sweat it out for an hour, when you can fit in one of her 3, 5 or 8-minute workouts!

The variety of short workouts is what makes Blogilates one of the best travel workouts available.

Booya Fitness

What I love about Booya Fitness is that they offer a ton of targeted workout plans.

Are you a soon to be bride? No problem! Do you need a quick workout? They have options for that, too.

BONUS: Booya Fitness workout videos have zero cheesy background music; they’ve ponied up for the good tunes.

Crunch Live

Crunch Gyms are well-known for their innovative workout classes.

Don’t have a Crunch Gym in your ‘hood? No worries – Crunch now offers classes online via Crunch Live, with unlimited access for $9.99/month or $90/year!

A single class at a gym will cost you at least $10, if not more.

They also offer a free 10 day trial to see if you like it.

Plus, if you’re already a Crunch Gym member, you get access to their online workouts with your membership at no additional cost!

Emily Skye

It’s so easy to skip a workout when traveling because you don’t want to take up the time in your daily itinerary.

What I like about Emily Skye‘s workouts is that they are often short, but effective, making them great for working out while on traveling without sacrificing tons of vacation time.

Check out Emily Skye’s Jet Lag workout!

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines started out with Instagram and an eBook.

Since then, she’s expanded her empire to include more eBooks, workout gear, and a premium app.

Since the workouts can all be accessed from the app, you can take them on the road with you!

Pop Sugar Fitness

I love Pop Sugar Fitness’ workout challenges, most of which make perfect hotel workouts or small hotel gym workouts.

You can find their workout challenges on their website or via Pinterest.

They also have FREE workout videos on YouTube and often write about healthy eating and working out while busy or traveling on the PopSugar website.

Sarah Fit

Sarah Fit has a huge backlog of free videos on YouTube, lots of healthy eating tips on her blog, and even a subscription to more workout videos.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out her Summer Vacation / Hotel Workout (above).

Tone It Up – My favorite online travel workouts

Disclaimer: I am a Tone it Up member.

Tone it Up is one of the best online travel workouts because they are easily accessible via YouTube, TIU website, or TIU mobile app. Many of the workouts are also FREE!

Aside from Tone it Up’s accessibility, you can also shop for workout gear, portable protein powders, snacks, and accessories.

Tone it Up is my #1 go-to for online workouts at home and when I’m traveling.

What are your favorite online travel & at home workouts?

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite travel fitness tips are.

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This post was original published on January 9, 2017. It was last updated on November 2, 2022.

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