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Is the Atlanta CityPass Worth it? [Why I say YES!]

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If you’re visiting Atlanta and plan to hit up its best attractions, you have to check out the Atlanta CityPass.

This Atlanta tourist pass helped me save 40% on admission to the CNN Studio Tour, Georgia Aquarium, Center for Civil and Human Rights, and World of Coca-Cola.

I even got expedited entry at a few of these places, so there was no wait in line to get in!

Learn more about this amazing discount pass in my quick guide to the Atlanta CityPass.

What is Atlanta CityPass?

The Atlanta CityPass is a discounted tourist pass that includes prepaid entry to 5 of Atlanta’s best attractions.

The pass automatically includes access to the CNN Studio Tour, Georgia Aquarium, and World of Coca-Cola. Admission to the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola includes expedited entry.

For the 4th attraction, you can choose between Zoo Atlanta or Center for Civil and Human Rights.

For the 5th attraction, you can choose between the College Football Hall of Fame or Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

To summarize, the Atlanta CityPass includes access to:

  1. CNN Studio Tour
  2. Georgia Aquarium
  3. World of Coca-Cola
  4. Zoo Atlanta OR Center for Civil and Human Rights
  5. College Football Hall of Fame OR Fernbank Museum of Natural History

How much money can you save?

There are a few factors that come into play that will affect how much you save, but the discount is somewhere around 40%.

The Atlanta CityPass costs $75 plus tax for an adult.

If you buy admission to the CNN Studio Tour, Georgia Aquarium, and World of Coca-Cola separately, it costs about $78 (not including tax).

Most of these attractions offer a small discount if you buy tickets in advance on their website.

Even still, the cost works out to getting 2 more attractions at significant discount.

Another factor in how much money the Atlanta CityPass will save is the cost difference in the tickets for the fourth and fifth attractions.

The Center for Civil and Human Rights costs $18.25 plus tax, while Zoo Atlanta costs $25.99 plus tax.

That’s almost an $8 difference!

The College Football Hall of Fame is $21.99 plus tax, while the Fernbank Museum of Natural History is $18 plus tax.

That’s about a $4 difference.

As you can see, the amount you’ll save will vary depending on which of these attractions you pick.

Lastly, the savings also depends on where you buy the pass.

I’ve seen the pass advertised on Expedia for a slightly higher cost, for example.

I’ve also seen it on Groupon at the same cost as the CityPass website.

Members of the US Armed Forces might also find the pass available at a discount on base.

I recommend purchasing directly from CityPass to ensure the best deal.

All in all, the Atlanta CityPass is valued at $125, so it averages out to be a $50 savings.

Of course, it could be more or less, depending on whether you would have purchased your tickets in advance online, as well as which tickets you choose for the fourth and fifth attractions.

How long is the Atlanta CityPass valid for?

Jellyfish at the Georgia Aquarium, covered under the Atlanta CityPass.

The Atlanta CityPass is valid for 9 days starting on the day of the first admission used.

In other words, you can buy the pass in advance if you prefer.

You can either have the ticket booklet shipped to your house or you can print an email voucher at home and exchange it for a booklet once you get to Atlanta.

I recommend the email voucher because if you forget the printed email voucher at home, you can print it again at your hotel.

The only downside is email vouchers have to be exchanged for booklets within 6 months of purchase.

So while you can buy in advance, make sure it’s not 6 months before your trip if you use the email voucher option.

Is the Atlanta CityPass worth it?

Yes, the Atlanta CityPass is totally worth it!

No matter how you crunch the numbers, you still end up saving money when compared to purchasing 5 tickets separately.

If you’re planning to see more than the 5 attractions allotted, then use the pass for the 2 more expensive tickets.

Purchase the cheaper ticket(s) separately.

If you aren’t planning to use all 5 tickets, consider looking up the ticket costs for the attractions you want to see, as it still might be cheaper to buy the Atlanta CityPass.

On my trip to Atlanta, I only used 4 of my tickets and still saved over $25!

OK, I totally need this! Where can I get it ?

The Atlanta CityPass is available at select locations in Atlanta, as well as travel websites online. I recommend purchasing direct from CityPass for the best price.

Need a place to stay? Check out my guide to the best neighborhoods and hotels in Atlanta, GA.

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