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Where to Travel in 2017: 13 Amazing Destinations

My guide on where to travel in 2017 includes eco-friendly destinations, flashy cities, remote locations, and foodie paradise.

Ready to book your first trip? Here are my top 13 recommendations on where to travel in 2017.

Atlanta, Georgia

From bustling cities to remote adventures, check out my recommendations on where to travel in 2017.
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Why? Atlanta, GA is a hip city with beautiful parks, a growing foodie scene, and plenty of Southern charm.

It’s also home to CNN’s headquarters (which you can tour) and the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere.

Walking Dead fans will enjoy the iconic highway, CDC building, and Walking Dead themed tours.

Who? City dwellers, Foodies, News junkies, Outdoor enthusiasts, Walking Dead fans

When? The best times to visit Atlanta are:

Costa Rica

Why? Costa Rica might be one of the most chill nations on Planet Earth, making it any easy pick for my where to travel in 2017 list.

Its people are happy, friendly, and enjoy life to the fullest. Costa Rica is also super committed to becoming the most eco-friendly nation, too. In 2016, Costa Rica ran almost entirely (98%!!) on renewable energy.

Who? Adventurists, Beach bums, Eco travelers, Outdoor enthusiasts, Wellness seekers

When? A few good times to visit Costa Rica are:

Detroit, Michigan

Why? While Detroit, MI is still rebuilding after bankruptcy, it hasn’t lost its mojo.

Detroit is full of grit and glamour, with a thriving art scene, a rich history in music, and plenty of delicious food.

It’s also home to Motown Records! I have a ton of faith in this wonderful city, which is why I’ve added it to my list of where to travel in 2017.

Who? Architecture buffs, Art lovers (especially pop + street art), Car geeks, City dwellers, Foodies, Music aficionados

When? The best times to visit Detroit Rock City:


Why? Get ready to parrrrty! In 2017, Finland celebrates 100 years of independence from Russia.

Finland is also the best place to see the Northern Lights, aka Aurora Borealis, and home to the man, myth, and legend – Santa Claus.

Who? Adventurists, Outdoor enthusiasts, Wellness seekers (saunas!), Anyone who listens to Christmas music year-round

When? The best times to visit Finland:

  • December to March for skiing + snow sports, including Yukigassen, a snowball fight competition
  • May for Restaurant Day, when anyone can operate their own “restaurant” anywhere + Vappu, a celebration of the start of Summer
  • June for the Midnight Sun + Tuska, a heavy metal music festival that runs from the end of June into early July
  • August for Blockfest, a popular hip hop music festival
  • September to April to see the Northern Lights, aka Aurora Borealis


Why? Jordan is home to Petra, an ancient city carved into cliffs.

Um er-Rasas and Quseir Amra are 2 other UNESCO World Heritage sites in Jordan that you can visit.

Lastly, you can float in the Dead Sea, a salt lake where everything and everyone floats.

Who? Culture seekers, History buffs, Outdoor enthusiasts

When? The best times of the year to visit Jordan:

  • March – May for agreeable weather
  • August for clear viewing of the Perseid meteor shower
  • September – November for agreeable weather

Las Vegas, Nevada

Why? Las Vegas, NV might have a reputation as a party kid, but it really has a bit of something for everyone: day trips, gambling, music, pools, theater – the list goes on and on.

My favorite side of Las Vegas is the food and drink scene – from imaginative brunch offerings to fancy dinners and delicious cocktails. Yummm…

Who? Anyone celebrating something BIG, Foodies, Music aficionados, Night owls, Partiers, Sports buffs, Theater fans

When? There’s never a bad time to visit Vegas, in my opinion. Find a show, concert or event you want to attend and just go!


Why? The Maldives is a tiny chain of islands off the coast of India. It’s secluded and surprisingly affordable – even the luxury resorts!

But, thanks to global warming, the Maldives is in danger of completely disappearing in less than 80 years.

Get there now, before it’s too late.

Who? Beach bums, Eco travelers, Honeymooners and Lovebugs, Outdoor enthusiasts, Anyone looking to seriously UNPLUG

When? The best time to visit the Maldives is NovemberApril. The rest of year is monsoon season, which means the chances of rain and storms are high.

Memphis, Tennessee

Why? If you’re big into music, especially Soul or Rock, Memphis, TN better be on your bucket list!

Memphis played a big part in the history of some of the US’ most famous musicians – BB King, Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Otis Redding, to name a few.

Memphis is also home to Graceland, Elvis’ lavish estate, which will open an expansion in March 2017.

Who? Foodies, Music aficionados, Outdoor enthusiasts

When? The best times to visit Memphis are:


Why? Mexico will be cheaper to visit in 2017, especially from the US, which is why it made my list of where to travel in 2017.

Mexico is great for relaxing with a mix of history and culture. It has delicious street food, pristine beaches, adventure activities, and lots of World Heritage sites.

Who? Adventurists, Beach bums, Culture seekers, Foodies, Outdoor enthusiasts

When? The best times to visit Mexico are:

  • January for the Day Zero music festival in Tulum
  • March for Spring equinox at Chichén Itzá
  • September for Fall equinox at Chichén Itzá
  • November for the Day of the Dead / Día de los Muertos
  • DecemberApril for dry, sunny getaways

Miami, Florida

Why? Miami, FL is a beautifully diverse and vibrant coastal city. Warm weather, beautiful people, delicious cuisine, killer nightlife, dope street art…In short, Miami is like paradise.

It’s also close to the Bahamas and a frequent layover for treks to South America and the Caribbean, making it a great stopover city.

Who? Beach bums, Culture seekers, Foodies, Night owls, Outdoor enthusiasts, Partiers

When? The best times to visit Miami are:

Paris, France

Why? Paris, France is a gorgeous city full of art, museums, cafés, bakeries, and historic architecture.

My favorite part of Paris is that there are so many wonderful vantage points that will take your breath away as you gaze across this marvelous city. It’s no wonder people call Paris the city of lights and city of love.

Who? Art lovers, Culture seekers, Foodies, History buffs, Honeymooners + Lovebugs

When? The best times to visit Paris are:

  • February for low crowds and a romantic Valentine’s Day trip
  • March – June for Spring temps, blossoming flowers + low crowds before the Summer rush
  • July for Bastille Day, aka French National Day
  • September – October for low crowds


Why? Tanzania is an outdoor enthusiast and adventurist’s dream with its abundance of national parks, such as Serengeti National Park and Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Anthropology buffs might also be interested in visiting Oldupai Gorge (formerly known as Olduvai Gorge), one of the most important excavation sites supporting the history of evolution.

Who? Adventurists, Beach bums, Culture seekers, Outdoor enthusiasts

When? The best times to visit Tanzania are:

  • Jan – March + June – September for safari excursions
  • November – February for scuba diving + beach bummin’

Venice, Italy

Why? Venice, Italy is a unique city made up of islands connected by canals and foot bridges. There are no roads!

Venice is slowly sinking, with recent estimates claiming it will be completely sunken in less than 100 years.

Who? Architecture buffs, Art lovers, Culture seekers, Foodies, Honeymooners and Lovebugs

When? The best times to visit Venice are:

  • February for Carnival
  • May for Vogalonga
  • mid-May – November for Biennale d’Arte / International Art Exhibition
  • September for the Venice Film Festival, the oldest film festival in the world
  • September – October for low crowds + decent weather

What’s on your list of where to travel in 2017?

From bustling cities to remote adventures, check out my recommendations on where to travel in 2017.

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